Thursday, 1 March 2018

PENN Term 1 2018 - Day in the life of a Block Kid

This year we have a massive space!  We have got 79 amazing children and 3 teachers.  This is the day in the life of a 'block kid'.  We want school to be FUN everyday!  We hope you enjoy.


  1. Hi the block good job with are movie .

  2. Loved the Movie "block kids" xx See you all soon at the Dental Clinic, hope you had a great Easter, and remembered to clean your teeth after all those yummy Easter eggs : ) bye Heidi xx

  3. Hi Mr Moran,
    My name is Star and I like that you showed us what use do during the day.
    Is this what use do daily?

  4. Hi Mr Moran,
    My name is Constance and I am a year 8 student from Tamaki Primary School.
    Watching your video, just gave me an idea of posting how Tamaki Primary's - Day in a life would be. Its not all the time that other school blogpost their day in a life.

    Although, this video was honestly good!
    Question : Is this your daily school routine?


  5. hi mr Moran i loved watching your movie love from ch

  6. hello ms king. i love msking she is so pretty