Thursday, 7 April 2016

Swimming Writing - Nahea

This week we are doing writing about swimming as we have had lots of swimming lessons recently. We are working on having interesting beginnings and structure in our writing. I especially like the last sentence!

In the warm pool my friends and I did freestyle under the water, it was so fun.  Diving into the water I was kicking my legs really fast.  I love swimming because I love diving into the water. I also love my teacher Mr Moran he is the best teacher ever and Miss King and Miss Davis too.

Ask Eddie - Reading Activity - Chance

We read a book about a child who went to a Powhiri with his class, we did a Powhiri with some of our class.  Have a look at Chance's Blog.  Big thank you to Whaea Saf for helping us!

Today we read a book about a boy who went to a Powhiri with his class. Mr Moran and Whaea Saf decided that we should all do our own Powhiri. We had fun doing our Powhiri.  I love Kapa Haka because I love learning different waiata with Whaea saf.

The Trouble with Oatmeal - Reading Activity - Levonah

This is a reading activity Levonah's group did in the pavilion this term, to see more of her work have a look at Levonah's blog.

For reading this week we read a story called The trouble with Oatmeal. It is about a girl who moves to a new house and her cat walks back to her old house.  The girls friend found the cat and the cat had kittens. Our challenge was to use all the key competencies to think of ideas, script, rehearse, film and then edit our movie.